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As a bodyguards Dubai

Since I was a little nipper, I have always been bodyguards Dubai of someone. My mum used to tell me every day that I should look after my brothers, as I was the oldest of four siblings. These words were repeated to me every day, before we left the home. It was almost like a mantra. When I walked my brothers to school, I let my imagination run wild with my ‘the baddies will jump out of the bush – you have to protect your brothers’ fantasies. We were always playing army and kidnapping games as a family of boys.

My entire life has been my training for this job. I can’t imagine my life without it. My brother’s bodyguard is the only job that would make me feel more at home (although they aren’t well-known enough yet).

I wasn’t the best student of my generation so I joined the Army after high school. Although I loved the Army, it was a great experience. However, after three years, I wanted to do something on my own. I knew I wanted to become a bodyguard.

After I had left the Army, I joined the British Bodyguard Association. They advised me to complete some courses in SIA Training as well as Close Protection. With my Army experience, the Bodyguard Training was easy for me, but there were many things to learn, especially tactics.

The primary difference between my bodyguard work and the Army is that a bodyguard almost exclusively does preventative work while the Army is primarily proactive. Bodyguard work requires more independent analysis and surveillance work, which I find very interesting.

It has been 8 years since I was discharged from the military. I continue to take SIA classes, and I’m still learning. You learn something every day in this job. I’m about to open my own Bodyguard Agency.

Conclusion: Being a bodyguard has completely changed my life. It gives me a sense of importance and worth. It is rare to find a job that can make the difference between life or death.


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