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Beware Of ewallet online casino malaysia Affiliate Scams

Affiliates who promote through affiliate programs in the casino niche are enjoying luxury incomes. This niche is among the most competitive. Affiliates are attracted to niches with lots of money. However, this does not only attract scammers who want to profit illegally from the market. Affiliates who are trying to make a fortune in the casino industry should be aware of these affiliate scams.

Most affiliate programs for ewallet online casino malaysia are completely free. This means that you won’t be asked to sign up to any affiliate program. How can these casino scams deceive you? Let’s see:

Affiliate programs that offer casino services share their revenue with other affiliates through revenue share percentages. The casino affiliate program offers high commissions, sometimes up to 60%, to encourage new members to sign up and promote their casino. If a new affiliate converts their traffic into real players, they may also pay a percentage of their revenue. It is not surprising that casinos offer high commissions to their affiliates to help them promote their casinos. The problem is that affiliate programs offering high commission sharing include those offered by casino affiliate scams. These scams will use you to promote their casinos, but they won’t pay you any of your earnings. As a new affiliate looking to join a casino affiliate program, it can be difficult to distinguish between legitimate affiliate programs and those run by scammers. You can avoid signing up for casino affiliate scams if you do your research.

Online forums are a great place to find out if affiliate programs are scams. Affiliates who don’t get paid by these affiliate scams can make complaints. These forums can also be a great place to find reputable and reliable casino affiliate programs. You can join the forum to read other opinions about certain casino affiliate programs. Affiliate scams should not be promoted if the program receives a lot negative comments from other affiliates.

Here are some tips to help you identify affiliate scams in casino affiliate programs you’ve already signed up for:

1. Statistics are not updated

You may have noticed that the statistics show zero visitors no matter how many people they refer. To check if clicks have been captured, you can always test your banners. You should check your statistics often. If they don’t change, this could be a sign that something is wrong.

2. There are no Real Player Conversions

It is a fact that not all people who click on banners will sign up to be real players. Statistics show that conversion rates range from 1% to 3%. You should dump casinos that have a low conversion rate because they aren’t making you money. You can divert your traffic to a legitimate casino operator and earn the commissions you are eligible for.

3. The Check Will Never Reach You

These statistics are accurate. You are confident that you are making good money driving traffic to casinos and you wait for your check at the end of the month. Your emails to the manager have been ignored and the check has not arrived. You can remove the banners from your website if you don’t receive your check.


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