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What exactly is business leadership? And are you doing it rightly?

A person’s ability to “lead” their business may mean many things to them. Some may argue that a leader must also be an excellent manager in order to be successful. Others argue that leadership and management are two different things. They can be interconnected, but they are not synonymous. Seth Godin believes leaders should take responsibility and managers should have authority. Both are important in business but should not be confused.

Mike McGahan Ottawa is a manager, success requires strong leadership. Many businesses that lack this leadership and dedication fail. You can’t be the CEO or owner without these qualities.

Leadership is the combination positive vision and exceptional individual traits. These are the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs:

1. Purpose-Driven is being driven to achieve your goals and able to stay focused on the end result.

2. Positive attitudes are key to success as a business leader!

3. Respectful – You should treat everyone with the same respect, whether it’s the mailman or the CEO for a potential client. You never know what kind of respect you might meet again. This mailman could be the one that helps you land your next client.

4. Encouragement – This is the ability to motivate your team (or yourself!) They must be able to do their best in every situation. You have to remain strong, even when things seem difficult.

5. Communicative – It’s essential for business success to be able communicate well. It’s hard to find a business that is able to communicate effectively with clients and employees. It’s also important to be approachable and easy to communicate with by your business owners.

These attributes are essential for launching and managing a successful company. It is also essential to be able make difficult decisions when necessary, to have passion for what your do and to want to succeed.





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