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Why Is the Backlink Audit Critical for SEO Success?

So, you have an online presence. It’s optimised. The content is pertinent. You’ve utilized website audit tools to enhance it. You’re all set for a comprehensive Google indexing. There is nothing to worry about. Right?

It’s not too soon!

Have you ever tried backlinks? Have you ever utilized a third-party SEO service? Do you stay away from looking over your portfolio of backlinks?

If you’ve answered “yes” to one of the above asked three issues, be sure to pay at your eyes! Your website could be penalized at any time. It is essential to conduct an audit of your backlink.

Wait! Backlinks and Penalty? How Does That Work?

A hyperlink to your site on any page on the internet is considered a backlink. It’s crucial to SEO.

A while ago, Google was focussed on the amount of backlinks- the more backlinks you have the more, the more valuable. Cheap SEO service providers started by creating fake pages and blogs that would link to all of their customers. The result was that the Private Blog Network increased backlink numbers for websites as well as Google in its total innocence, believed the sites to be trustworthy sources of information.

Since a lot of websites are linking to your site regarding “Food for Diabetes,” you have to be an expert in diabetes diet isn’t it?

However, the approach based on quantity started generating spammy results for search results. This is why Google made the decision to improve its filtering.

If now, a legitimate well-known, trusted website hyperlinks directly to your site, then credibility increases. If numerous, influential, relevant, and relevant websites connect to you then the Search Engine Results Pages rank (SERP) goes up.

Do you know the direction I’m taking? High quality and quantity of backlinks more SERP and better reputation Google believes you are reliable.

Insufficient backlinking, your site falls like Titanic and Google is forced to fine you.

Okay! What Happens If Google Fines/Blocks/De-Ranks You?

The popularity of backlinks on your website accounts approximately 22 percent from the Google Rank.

This means that any suspicious website that is irrelevant, useless, or a waste of time that hyperlink back to your site will be viewed as shady by Google. This will alter your ranking.

If Google determines that you are to be guilty and places the Manual Action Penalty on you and then it may degrade your website, deactivate a couple of pages, or even the entire website temporarily. It could result in organic lead, sales, traffic and loss of conversion.

If, on the other hand, you’re hit by this algorithmic penalty you’ll receive no notification. Your internet traffic will decline with time, without apparent reason. You’ll require special tools to determine the cause. When you realize what happened, you’d have lost many leads and customers.

So Think Hard- Have You Ever Practised Spammy Backlinking?

Have you ever played around with websites’ or blogs comment sections by putting your URL wrapped in an ineffective, almost unfocused message to increase backlinks?

It is possible that the low-cost SEO company you hired deceived you and created a fraudulent backlink portfolio using unsound SEO methods?

You must analyze your link portfolio. Take a closer look. If you’ve utilized guest blogs or news articles, genuine comments profiles, press releases, profile shares or social media platforms for backlinking, then you’ll be able to recognize the source.

Make sure you identify the ones that you aren’t. Conduct some research, verify your domain’s metrics, look up suspect organizations, and differentiate those with a legitimate backlink from fraudulent ones. You can also use an audit tool that’s free and make sure you have your ducks in order.

You can also do a competitor backlink analysis. Take a look at a number of websites using this search engine auditing tool and examine how harmful their results are when compared to yours.

Your Solution- Use a Backlink Analysis Tool and Audit Your Website’s Negative Backlinks

SEO Experts constantly strive to keep a two steps above Google algorithms. They’ll also advise that you have an inventory of natural-looking backlinks. But, Google is tweaking its filters each day. If your backlinks are genuine it is essential to conduct an audit of your backlinks


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