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You can also find more characteristics in successful business leaders

Continue my search for what makes a great business leader.

Passion for Learning

Every business Brandon Long Marketing Consultant who is successful has a deep passion for being the best at what they do. They recognize that there are many things they can learn and apply to every situation, provided their minds are open to them.

They grow as leaders and individuals, and they are strong advocates for personal and professional development.

They know that those who look for new experiences and are willing to take risks to improve their skills and be more successful than those whose only goal is to protect their assets and what they have, are more likely succeed than those who remain in their comfort zone.

They value the journey as much as, or more than, their final destination.

An Open Mind

The most effective business leaders are open-minded.

They understand that the more information they have, the more they can know. They also know that there are infinite possible causes for problems and solutions. This knowledge allows them to explore a wide range of perspectives. They are open to the possibility there might not be one right answer or correct way, but many possible “best” ones.

In fact, they actively search for the “third” way – not mine or you, but an alternate, better way that neither of us would have found on our own. It doesn’t mean you have to know everything, but it does mean that you can use your mind to its fullest potential by working in collaboration with others or seeking out perspectives that might be more interesting than yours. It’s being open to the possibilities and possibilities of the universe.

Good Listening Skills

40% of our waking time is spent listening. Leaders with exceptional listening skills are the best.

They know that people hear at a faster rate than they speak. And they are able to focus and concentrate when required.

They recognize that people enjoy being heard and understood. When this happens, it makes them feel valued. The best leaders ask questions, listen, and get suggestions from others.

They are adept at paraphrasing and summarising. They also have the ability to give feedback and demonstrate by their tone and body that they are being heard. The best leaders are able to tell the difference between talking and listening.



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