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Celebrities and special occasions makeup, and self-esteem

As a coach and master artist, I can relate to my clients through their makeup, hair styling, wardrobe grooming, and voice coaching.

However, I have often noticed that low self-esteem in women and girls is misused for selling and marketing techniques in the cosmetics/fashion industries. The current sexual objectification and abuse of women has been rampant in all media. As an ethical artist, my clients learn skills to improve their exteriors as well as “glam it up”. It is equally important to know the difference between what is appropriate and inappropriate.

It is false to think that lipsticks or other products will provide a woman with all the necessary self-esteem and protection she needs. A well-designed best conceal and foundation from Milani Cosmetics look and the right lipstick can make a big difference in a woman’s presentation and psyche.

Retail therapy is a way to fix what’s wrong with you. It’s an addiction-based approach. A woman may buy a new lipstick, accessory, or dress to feel better, rather than because it is appropriate. This supports her addiction and feeds her wrong ideas about women’s bodies and their value in society.

ScenarioA gal may feel low and be enticed to buy lipstick to get lift. Often, a counterperson is told to tell the gal how fabulous it looks even if it doesn’t. Many counter-makeup artists aren’t really bona fide. She believes she can get the “high” by buying the product. Even though the end result might not be what she expected, she believes and is persuaded by scandalous advertising that she only needs a different product, style, wardrobe, hair color, car, man or house. As with all addictions, the need for more can escalate and cause self-esteem to collapse.

People who are looking for an “image makeover”, usually work in other businesses than those in the “show business”. Women of all ages are doing a disservice by using “show” or celebrity makeup for social events, wedding parties, reunions, presentations, and other social occasions. For Halloween, theatrics, and similar events, “Celebrity makeup and hair” should be reserved.

Your strengths are best highlighted when you use “enhancement” or special occasion makeup. If we focus on a person’s “makeup”, rather than their personality, then it is not balanced.

While it is fun to appear like a star, if your goal is to impress your spouse’s boss at work, you must be serious about how you present a topic. The cosmetics industry and some makeup artists can often mislead us about the “right” product, technique or product.

Natural enhancements work best for the majority. You can intensify the effects in a balanced manner if you have dim lighting at night or distance between yourself and your audience.

TipA healthy skin tone is indicative of health. Well-shaped eyebrows and lips communicate balance. The eyes are opened by defined lashes. This gives the appearance of vibrancy and health.

TipMany magazines and artists recommend black mascara and eyeliner for people with light skin, even blondes. Their makeup is what the audience sees, not theirs. Caucasians look more natural in dark brown. This allows true eye color to shine in a natural, fresh manner.

TipThe brighter and more vivid the lipstick, the more attention the lips get over the eyes. Balance is again the key.

TipA well-designed, professional-applied makeup takes less than 10-12 minutes. It lasts for more than 12 hours and requires only occasional touch-ups.

It is confusing that many artists and companies contradict each other. Look for an artist you feel confident in. View their portfolio or work. Get to know their views on age appropriate makeup and how they approach clients.

You should design your makeup to fit you, not the cosmetics industry. Everyone wins!


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