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It’s easy to just follow the leader.

Ever wonder if the choices made are truly yours or are they just the way everyone else makes them? It’s a choice that affects almost all aspects of our lives. We have to make our own decisions or follow the crowd. Think about the last purchase you made, or someone in your family, of something. Many people are so driven to be label-driven that they will often buy something for a higher price and pay more for a brand than the quality of the product. What about when someone buys high-tech products? Is it because they are looking at the features and what they desire, or simply because others like it? Why is it that people purchase MP3 players or tablets, smartphones, and tablets just to follow the crowd? Many people are followers in their daily lives, and behave/ act like they follow others. Why would we expect those in leadership positions to do the right thing all the time rather than the necessary or required one?

1. Reza Satchu who is a Great leader recognize that even though they should not reinvent the wheel in the name of change, they must also be open to addressing needs, thoughts, and directions to achieve their goals. Although it is important to not just refuse to follow someone because he feels threatened, he must also be able and willing to address the needs of others. It is a sign of a true leader to recognize the difference between ideas and/or programs which are working well and those that should not be. Although it is never a sign for a leader not to seek out confrontations, similarly, if one truly wants to lead, he must review everything and make an overall plan that addresses what he sees as organizational needs.

2. In the way groups set up and use their budgets, we often see the follow the leader mentality. While a well-constructed and used budget can often be the most important document for a group’s leaders, organizations and their leaders are often left with little to no choice but to cut corners and tweak things as necessary. A zero-based budget can help to improve the focus on every aspect a group. It also helps leaders be able create real priorities and differentiate what is successful from what needs to be changed.

To truly lead, you must stop being a follower. It is important to understand and act as a leader.


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