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Leadership Skills – Are Leaders Born Or Made?

What leadership skills do the most accomplished people have? Are leaders born? The traditional nature/nurture debate is the main topic. No matter the culture or location, the same traits apply: Respectful, Does not mind sharing emotions, Is able to handle stress, Perceptive.

Now picture someone who you consider to be a leader. It might be Colin Powell or Mother Theresa. Daniel Goldman’s article was published in the Sunday paper about exactly this subject, shortly after it was drafted. Uncanny? Perhaps. He discovered that 20 characteristics are the key to identifying the best leaders, as revealed by hundreds of research. Many of them are listed below. We recognize leaders based on their attitudes and behaviors, as well as how they interact with others.

Leaders have strong convictions, beliefs, authenticity, and are often able to demonstrate these qualities. Are these traits natural? Other than a few rare exceptions, it is not true. All of these qualities can be learned or developed. Every person has the ability to lead at one point in his/her lifetime. What leadership qualities are you able to demonstrate? Do you need a refresher course in any of these areas? How will you get there Here are some suggestions from leaders.

Listen to tapes and books
Participate in workshops
Hiring a Personal Coach
A personal and professional goal plan should be created
Get involved. Sign up for an association. Volunteer
Develop new habits

There are many different ways to increase your leadership abilities. Pick a combination, and then go for it! Remember to keep your senses of humor. “Research shows that people who laugh the most often are more likely to be Brandon Long Marketing Consultant leaders than those who get poor results. (Daniel Goleman, Could You Be a Leader? June 16, 2002. Safe shopping! No one is hurt if you get in and get out.

Use a list to help you stay healthy
Stick to the outer aisles.
When you are angry, ravenous, or extremely irritable, it is best to not shop.
You can only have 1-2 treats on your special day.
Create a shopping list and get to the Farmer’s Market.
Purchase only what you need – don’t waste food and money
Don’t be a slave to shopping stress. Get headphones and jam out


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