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Social Media Marketing: Is It Effective for B2B Companies?

Businesses that are in the B2B business segments struggled to grasp the power of social media marketing when one company is marketing to another. The power and value in social media advertising are unclear to people who view it as to be a form of marketing that is not related to their business. However, there has been an increasing number of marketing campaigns that are being conducted on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn even for B2B businesses too. Today, companies are much more conscious of the significance of marketing via social media.

Many B2B firms are cutting back on their cheapest smm panel budgets for offline marketing and are focusing on marketing online. B2B magazine has conducted a recent survey on the subject and discovered that 48 percent of B2B businesses are investing more in marketing online rather as offline advertising.

Why Social Media Marketing Is So Effective?

In reality, the public is tired of sales pitches and marketing jargon. If they want to learn more about a particular business or product, they go online to see if they can meet real customers and learn about the service or product more. If you go through what is meant by social media,, you will be able to understand why it is becoming increasingly efficient. According to Wikipedia:

“Social media can be described as online technology and practice that users use to share experience, opinions, perspectives and insights with each other. It can take different form like text, audio, images, videos, podcasts, wiki, etc… “

This definition is the reason B2B businesses are moving to social marketing. B2B companies are using a wide range of online marketing channels , and an analysis conducted of B2B tech decision-makers reveals the following data regarding their online marketing

  • 90% of companies are involved with online marketing via video. 80 percent of businesses participate in blog marketing. Eighty percent of businesses participate in Wikis
  • 69% of businesses participate to Social Network marketing

It is evident that 69 percent of B2B businesses use social media primarily to help with networking and business development.

Why B2B Companies Should Use Social Media Effectively?

We’ve seen in the statistics above how many businesses employ social media as their primary method of marketing. However, the numbers aren’t always the only factor in determining whether or not we understand how the impact it will have on our company’s revenue. Now let me explain exactly how the social media marketing campaign can benefit your company’s success.

We all know that marketing tool can be used to inform customers about your product, about your business and offerings. Social media does exactly the similar and is much more effective in the present time when consumers are on the internet most of the all the time.

The first thing to note is that social networking websites offer you the possibility to introduce your business or service to millions of users immediately.

It is possible to establish a relationship with your customer through social media and even people who may not have the opportunity to learn about your business.

It makes the brand or product more real to customers and they begin talking about the product and the word spreads like a breeze, and you don’t need to try at all. It expands your reach globally so more business can be assured.

Social media offers you an alternative to:

  • Contribute your knowledge and experience
  • Use the knowledge of potential customers
  • Get people to engage with you through customer the evangelism
  • Allow consumers to help consumers.


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