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If you’ve got an own website it shouldn’t be for long to learn about backlinks. They’re an essential advertising tool that websites can use, but they are often misused or ignored! Understanding how to create backlinks, how they function and how creating backlinks that are not done correctly could harm your website’s ranking are essential topics that every webmaster should be aware of.

What is a backlink? They are basically links to your website that are from other websites. If a user of a website seeks specific information. They click an advertisement on that site which is an “backlink” to your site, which leads visitors to the page linked to. The higher the quality, relevant natural backlinks that link to your website and the more highly your website is ranked by search engines and the more likely to receive the traffic you want to bring to your site.

It sounds simple enough However, you need to ensure you understand how to obtain backlinks that can assist you and not harm you. In the previous paragraph that backlinks must be relevant, high-quality and genuine. Let’s take a look at these three criteria more in depth.

High-quality backlinks originate from sites with good quality content. Only backlinks should come from trustworthy, reliable websites and hopefully also have high search ranking for the topic. Do not seek backlinks that come from ‘backlink farms’ websites – which are automatically generated websites that display links after links to other sites. This once-popular trick was employed at fooling search engines. But, as with every trick the search engines eventually also learned about this trick and have since stopped ignoring these websites.

A backlink will not be considered effective if it’s not pertinent to. For instance, if your website is focused on yoga for women who are pregnant You’ll want backlinks from yoga websites pregnant sites, pregnancy websites and women’s health websites, or websites that cover other pertinent subjects. Search engines want to know that backlinks are relevant for example, a backlink coming to an office supplies shop to your yoga site won’t be relevant , and the search engine will either ignore the link or lower your rank.

Last but not least, backlinks should appear natural. That means they were constructed over time and with an approach that is reasonable. It’s not wise to build a number of backlinks in the same period of time and they will be deemed suspicious. However, you should gradually build up a network of high-quality backlinks which will aid the right people to find your website.

You can begin creating backlinks by searching for websites that can be relevant to your website. Reciprocal hyperlinks – in which you agree to link to a webpage when they agree to link to your site are a well-known tool which used to work effectively. However these days, search engines are becoming more sophisticated every day and if you reciprocally link to a website that is not relevant or is not up to par it will harm you more than aid you. You can definitely create reciprocal links, however, you should do so with care – only if it’s appropriate for the intended viewers of both sites.

One trick that webmasters once employed was to hyperlink to their website from one of their sites. The issue lies in the fact that Google and other search engines currently examine whether your backlinks originate with the same IP of your site. If you try to connect all your sites in order to build backlinks, it will affect your rankings. However, if you’ve got a couple of sites that make sense, aren’t a stretch, and will make sense to customers, you could establish some backlinks between your sites.