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Wondering what makeup items the celebrities and rich keep in their makeup bags? Similar items can be found in your makeup bag, so you can be as prepared for anything. These are the items that we found in celebrity makeup artist’s makeup bags. They can be easily stored in your cosmetic bag. The answer may surprise you in many cases.

Blotting papers

These tissue can be used in many situations to remove excess oil and shine from all skin types. You should look for papers that effectively remove oil without affecting your makeup. Blotting papers are individually wrapped and make it easy to pick up a fresh sheet whenever you need it.

Double Duty Tools

Tools that can do double duty are ideal for makeup bags with limited space. There are many double-duty options, including eyeshadow brushes that can double as liners or double retractable brushes with different sizes at each end. You can also find makeup products with dual benefits, such as lipsticks with a glossy finish and tinted moisturizers.

Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers are the best option for natural skin that doesn’t show too many imperfections. These products are known for their dewy appearance and concealing minor imperfections. These products can be particularly helpful for travel days when plane cabins can sap skin’s hydration, leaving the complexion looking dull and sallow.

Petroleum Jelly

These products, also known as wax, are used by professional makeup artists when other types are unavailable. Wax can soften lips before you apply color, and it can also be used to remove eye makeup. This product can also be lightly applied to teeth before taking photos to avoid lipstick mishaps.

Primer or Serum

Professionals know that foundation can have a greater impact on the skin if it is properly prepared before applying. Before foundation can be applied, a primer or serum can smoothen fine lines, remove excess oil, and conceal minor imperfections. To get the most out of your makeup bag, choose a product that matches your skin tone.

Fragrance oil

Aromatherapy can help to ease stress and tension. You can carry a small bottle of your favorite essential oil with you on a hectic travel day or at work. Although these tiny vials are small and easy to carry around, they can be a great help when stress levels start to rise.

It is important to prepare for every day. These pros are well-aware of what they need in order to be prepared for any beauty mishaps that may occur. You can rest assured that you have all the tools and products you need to look your best no matter what happens.


Carol Brown has an impressive history as a celebrity make-up artist. Now she shares her secrets with women in her book, “Natural to knockout Makeup Beauty and you.”

Brown provides valuable insights on how inner beauty, facial anatomy, attitude, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle all contribute to natural, classic beauty. Brown offers tips on how to highlight individual facial features with makeup.

Carol Brown’s career spans television, feature films and HBO movies. She has also worked on commercials, videos as well as print, editorial, photo shoots, theatre, and print. Her credits include Usher, Terrance Howard and LL Cool J. She also worked with Jane Fonda, Queen Latifah (Queen Latifah), Brooke Shields, Vivica A. Fox. Carol has won 3 Emmy Awards, and was nominated 7 times as an outstanding achievement in makeup artistry.

A former member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, International Association of Theatrical and Stage Employees and Aesthetics International Association. Carol has been nominated seven times for outstanding achievement and received three Emmy Awards.

Carol was the founder of and CEO at the Natural Empowerment Foundation, a non-profit 501c(3) that provides guidance for today’s young women. The foundation focuses on positive community interaction and efforts to achieve self-respect and positive self-image. It also teaches principles, decorum and nonviolence.

She has taught makeup workshops and seminars and also sponsored grooming and makeup events for underprivileged youth.

Brown’s book is filled with such detail and instruction that “Natural to Knockout” could be a great textbook for cosmetology schools. Her extensive knowledge of makeup techniques that enhance natural beauty would make her a great teacher for any aspiring makeup artist.