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Obesity is a close second to smoking as the leading reason for death that is preventable. One reason could be the dramatic rise in diabetes risk of people who are overweight. Are you considering implementing an entirely new custom keto diet regimen that will not just help you shed weight, but also control your blood sugar more effectively? It is likely that you are looking for the best choices available. Two that you could encounter as popular in the present are the ketogenic and Paleo. Many people are confused because they are identical, which makes it difficult to distinguish between them.

Let’s look at the comparison so that you know which is best to you… Carb Sources. First, let’s discuss carb sources since these are the areas where both diets are vastly different…

  • With using the paleo diet,your carb sources are likely to be any fresh fruit and sweet potatoes. Together, you’ll be able to reach the 100 grams carbs from these two food items.
  • keto diet on the other hand, the only carb source will be leafy greens and even those aren’t.

The major difference between the ketogenic and paleo diet plan is that the ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates, whereas the paleo diet isn’t. It is possible to make the paleo diet extremely low in carbohydrates if you’d like however it’s not a default. There’s more flexibility with the food options.

Calorie Counting. Next, we come to calorie counting. This is also an area where both diets are very different.

If you are following your ketogenic diet you are calorie- and macro-counting quite heavily. It is important to meet specific goals…

  • 30% total protein intake,
  • 5% of carbohydrate intake
  • Consumption of dietary fats is 65%.

If you fail to meet these goals, you’re not going to be in”that “state of ketosis,” which is the main purpose of this program.

In eating paleo you don’t have to adhere to specific rules to follow. Although you are able to count calories however you like however, you don’t need to. Naturally the results you get from losing fat will be greater when you monitor your the calories you consume, since calories determine how much or how little weight, however they are not necessary.

Exercise Fuel Availability. This leads us to the next topic – exercise fuel availability. In order to be able to train with intensity it is essential to include carbohydrates in the diet. It is impossible to get the fuel you need when you’re not eating carbohydrates-rich food items, which means keto isn’t likely to be able to sustain intense workout sessions. Because of this, the keto diet is not going to be ideal for the majority of people. Exercise is an essential element of being healthy Therefore, it is recommended that you work out and not stick to a diet which restricts exercising.

It is true that it is possible to follow the ketogenic diet with a specific goal or the ketogenic cyclic diet, both of which will require the inclusion of carbohydrates into the diet at certain points…

  • The ketogenic diet has you eating carbs just prior to starting your workout when
  • The ketogenic cycle requires you to consume a greater quantity of carbs during the weekend, and are intended to help you get throughout the week.

If you opt for one of them, you may pick any carbs you want but it doesn’t necessarily have to be sweet potatoes or fruit.

There are important distinctions between these two methods…

  • The ketogenic diet is one that is focused on the tracking of macros. It is designed to aid in weight loss.
  • The Paleo lifestyle is a focus on healthy eating habits and overall health, and hopes weight loss occurs because of it.

While the management of Type 2 diabetes can be extremely difficult, it’s not something you have to simply accept as a fact. Change your daily routine , including exercises to lower the blood sugar levels as well as your weight.