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The old days when homes were caves that was atop the high cliff.

Cubs, babies, children kittens, cubs, or whatever you prefer to call your offspring, they all share one thing in common. They are all awed by playing. That’s why I think we can be sure that the caveman children played. What did they play with.

What did our minds think of? grandparents’ kids. They were laying in front of the fire after a tiring day of studying how to stay alive. We’re still trying discover the smallest specifics of the life of the children of prehistory but we are able to dream.

So, the first puzzles made of leaves that had been cut apart into pieces so that children were able to put them together. Did this serve as a tool for teaching to help children learn what vegetables were safe to eat. We’ll never know , but it’s worthwhile to think about it.

Prehistory was before cars, houses, televisions, video games and all the electronic technology we use today. What kind of toys did the caveman kids have to play with when dad was hunting for the powerful mammoth, or giant sloth. Mommy was sifting through plants, herbs and grasses and other food items at the time.

Many artifacts were discovered most of which are bone and rock carvings of wild animals. Beautiful carvings, something you should be extremely proud of. Do you ever think this could have been created by a dotting dad to his son.

When the next man is digging up the things we left behind Best bow for kids what conclusions will they draw. In looking at some of the dinosaur toys on offer do they think these creatures actually walked between the tall buildings.

If in the year 25th century you found an antique car model that wasn’t been rusted What would you say about the story behind it.

Do you think it was an image of God that we worshipped or was it simply a decorative object that we used to display the power of God. It could be a model of the royal Chariot.

However, do we ever consider that it might be something we wanted our children to enjoy. When we weren’t making more money to purchase more toys for our children to have fun with.

There are war games played with miniature toy soldiers and the cowboy as well as Indian sets. What can we do to stop these tiny human figures from prehistory becoming toys to show children how to find rhinos, mammoths or deer.

If we created replicas artifacts, we could then let our kids use them to play in the sand pit. They could be reenacting an epic hunt or chasing deer that have escaped into the ground.

A few very valuable objects would quickly be elevated by God status to child status.

I enjoy looking at what we have today and imagine what might have been possible back in the prehistoric times.

Today, in every toy store there’s a display of plastic toys. Whatever we encounter in the wild, or on farms or in the home can be found in tiny packets.

Did the kids of cavemen also had a collection of toys. Today, our children have toys of cavemen to be with. What toys did the kids of cavemen play with.

I do recall “Fred Flintstone” on TV but did Pebbles and BamBam have toys. All I recall is BamBam playing with this large club. Today, you can purchase big air-filled clubs and hammers which aren’t dangerous when they strike you with the head.

In reality, children are a joy to play with and even caveman kids could have played, however with what.

Toy bows and bows as well as toy spears. Just like today’s children who love anything that has to do with war. Do all spear points belong to the toolbox of dad’s, or do the smaller ones belong to your son.

They’d have certainly played with something But with what.