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For the past six years, I have been a professional sbobet asia bettors. Many people who start betting on sports are not familiar with the rules. This is how I felt when I first started. After a year of betting on sports, I was able to reset my clock and now I make enough money to live a good life with sports betting. These are the three secrets of successful sports betting that sportsbooks won’t tell you.

Secret #1: Teasers and Parlays for suckers

Teasers and parlays are the best of all the sucker bets. You should be able to tell by the name of the teaser what the bet is about from its title. These types of bets can result in long-term losses for the bettor and long-term winners for the book. Although the payouts for both bets look attractive, in reality you can make more money betting straight up. Let’s take the parlay as an example. You can win $120 if you win three of the three-team parlays. My experience is that you won’t go 3-0 every six times. You will usually get 3-0 one out of every eleven occasions. You are already at a disadvantage. Parlays are also popular because you can have a winning record while losing. If you parlay three teams and get 2-1, your day would be profitable if you just bet straight up. You’re losing because you have parlayed them. Your parlay is 0-1 and you are down $20. Parlays and teasers are laughable and should be avoided by anyone betting on sports.

Secret #2: If you are on the majority’s side of the equation, you can start running

This is a big secret to sports betting that many people don’t know. Don’t bet on a team if 80% of the betting public supports it. Keep as far as possible away from them. This happens because games seem too easy. People who aren’t interested in betting on sports may place a bet because it seems easy. Sportsbooks make millions each year and 97% lose money. Don’t follow the crowd, and don’t let them take you off the edge. I bet on the opposing team or stay out of the game.

Secret #3: You don’t have to be a sports expert to succeed

This secret is what I believe brings in more people to sports betting than any other. Everyone assumes that they are a sports expert and can therefore be able to make a good living betting on them. Most people don’t know much about sports. While you may be able tell me which team is good or bad, you won’t know how good the NBA team on the road. Many sports bettors lose because of this. They simply look at the surface, listen to ESPN analysts, and then make their picks. It will help you tremendously if you are a good sports expert, but it is not the only source of information.